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Victoria Cross Student Accommodation

The proposal at Victoria Cross was applied for in the context of the recently published National Student Accommodation Strategy which identified strong existing and growing demand for Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) in Cork. Analysis carried out as part of the strategy revealed that Cork’s existing PBSA bed space numbers in 2017 were less than other comparative cities in Ireland. The proposal was one of a number of PBSA schemes brought forward in 2017/18 to address an acute shortage of rented accommodation.

Situated on a site of 0.1 ha, the proposal maximised the footprint available to provide for 124 no. student bed spaces in a 5-storey apartment block. Given its location within a short walking distance of UCC and public transport nodes, no car parking was proposed. Working alongside Butler Cammoranesi Architects, the design responded directly to context with a focus on achieving a quality student environment. It was complemented by the inclusion of an amenity walkway along the adjacent Glasheen River to directly deliver on a Cork City Development Plan policy objective. The success of the proposal was such that no Third Party objections were made.

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