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Deirdre Tobin

Planning Consultant | GIS Analyst

“GIS is at the heart of robust evidence-based planning decision making”


Deirdre has worked as a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) analyst for over 20 years in environmental and engineering projects, in both the public and private sectors and academia in Ireland and the UK. This background is complementary to her current role as a planning consultant, in which she can leverage this experience to support evidence-based planning assessments, site suitability studies and policy and strategy development.


A chartered town planner, Deirdre combines her technical proficiencies with planning expertise to lead on site-selection analysis and the identification of optimal locations for renewable energy, health, education, industry and enterprise projects. She understands the critical importance of presentation, including the distilling of key environmental, social and economic information in a clear and communication-friendly manner. Deirdre has considerable experience in a broad spectrum of planning projects for both private clients and local planning authorities.


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