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HW Planning is a full-services

planning consultancy


We provide a wide range

of services to our clients.

HW Planning is a full-services

planning consultancy


We provide a wide range

of services to our clients.

HW Planning
  • Planning Appraisal
  • Strategic Site Search
    and Land Assembly
  • Policy and Zoning Submission
  • Planning Applications
    and Consents
  • Planning Appeals
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Retail Assessment
  • Expert Advice


At HW Planning we provide honest, unambiguous, evidence-based advice relative to our client’s expectations. An informed and realistic assessment of a site’s capacity or project’s potential is the first important step in the planning process journey. Once the viability of a site or project has been established, we develop planning strategies with clear goals and milestones to maximise the chance of a successful outcome. Every project is different and we tailor our approach to manage risk and deliver on potential.

This includes:


  • Planning appraisals of the strengths, constraints, opportunities and threats of project sites;
  • Due diligence to assist in commercial transactions;
  • Strategic advice on emerging planning policy and precedents;
  • Advice on design team formation.


We provide planning appraisal services for Irish Distillers in Midleton, Co Cork



Site Search and
Land Assembly

Connecting a project with the right site or location is a key component of what we do at HW Planning. An initial appraisal may often highlight flaws in a project, but we are problem solvers by nature and solutions often lie in the identification of alternative sites or land acquisition.


With in-depth knowledge of evolving planning policy and past precedents HW Planning are perfectly placed to provide advice to developers, new businesses and industries on site location and opportunities. We are market-leaders in the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for site search and suitability assessments. Through the use of advanced software, we capture and analyse the physical and environmental benefits and/or constraints of individual land parcels and combine this with social and economic market intelligence to clearly identify future demands and opportunities


At HW Planning, we marry commercial understanding and planning knowledge. This enables us to pinpoint realistic and deliverable development opportunities for each site and every development sector.


Sample projects in this areas include solar farm developments

Policy and Zoning

Initial site assessment and appraisals can often highlight the requirement for policy and/or land use zoning adjustments in order to facilitate a project or broaden the potential of a particular site.

We understand the bigger picture and the importance of piecing the different elements of the often complex planning puzzle to make robust policy submissions. We anticipate and plan for positive change and ensure this is underpinned by supporting evidence.

HW Planning are effective communicators, and with strong and respected relationships with policy makers, we have the ability to influence policy formation at the appropriate level be it local, regional or national.


We provided policy and zoning submission services at Carriganarra, Ballincollig, Co. Cork

and Consents

HW Planning are development advocates. We add value to the development process and the co-ordination, preparation and submission of successful planning applications is a core skill. We have a proven track record in managing even the most challenging of projects through an increasingly complex planning process.

We pride ourselves on positive partnership working, strong communication and the ability to anticipate key issues across all development sectors. This allows us to manage risk and minimise potential planning delays. Planning is all about delivery and our approach is tailored on an individual project basis to achieve just that.

In addition to the traditional planning application process, HW Planning have extensive experience of coordinating Strategic Housing Development (SHD) applications, as well as other consent procedures in the Irish planning system including applications for substitute consent and Part 8 development for/on behalf of local authorities.

A sample large-scale planning application project is Jacobs Island, Cork.


At HW Planning, we value our reputation for providing honest advice regarding planning appeals. Unsuccessful appeals can create unwelcome precedents for projects or sites and have potentially long-term negative implications for asset values. When considering the challenge of a planning refusal or difficult planning conditions, we will ensure that all decisions to appeal are justified and robust in the face of scrutiny.

We specialise in 1st Party appeals, including the imposition of onerous conditions and/or unjustified financial contributions.

For more complex cases involving Oral Hearings, HW Planning have the skills to assist with the development of strategy as well as providing expert witness testimony. We have the confidence and experience to defend our positions during cross examination and significant experience of same.


A sample successful appeals project is Sullivans Quay, Cork.


Developments in environmental legislation have added complexity to the planning system. With planning authorities and An Bord Pleanála looking to protect their decisions from legal challenge, the ability to anticipate environmental assessment requirements is critical for most projects, depending on their nature, scale and location.

The correct balance needs to be struck between adding unnecessary complexity to a project and ensuring adequate environmental assessment is undertaken to manage risk and prevent delays. Our balanced and measured approach has been successful in screening out the requirement for Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIAR) and Stage 2 Appropriate Assessments (Natura Impact Assessments) for many larger projects.

We are experts in the efficient and effective production of Environmental Impact Assessment Report which ensure the delivery of permissions on time and within budget.

A sample EIAR project can be viewed here.


Appropriate retail assessment is a key component of successful retail applications. What constitutes a suitable retail impact assessment varies from project to project and is dependent on scale and location.

With detailed experience of preparing retail strategies for statutory Development Plans, HW Planning are suitably placed to independently assess the planning merits of a retail project in the first instance, and secondly, justify a project in accordance with national and local policies.

HW Planning undertook a detailed Retail Impact Assessment for SuperValu, Bantry


HW Planning undertook a detailed Retail Impact Assessment for SuperValu, Bantry


HW Planning provide essential support to clients involved in planning and property related disputes and litigation. We have the knowledge, experience and communication skills required to prepare and present expert evidence to a wide variety of hearings and oral forums. These include:


  • Section 160 Injunctions;
  • Judicial Reviews;
  • CPO Hearings;
  • Appeal Oral Hearings;
  • Council Meetings


We provided expert advice services for Carrigaline Schools campus

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